data backup solutions

Why Backing Up Data Is Important

We’ve all had the blue screen of death or an unexpected shutdown, or the computer bursting into flames at least once in our lives, and oftentimes we’ve lost more than part of our hardware. Sometimes all our data, personal and professional information, and the web presence we have built for ourselves is gone in a snap.

Thankfully, a backup system can keep all the data stored on a cloud and it can be retrieved by the owner at any point. The data is encrypted and then sent to a server, safe and secure until it is needed. With hacking and cyber-attacks rising, backups are often literal lifesavers.

How to back up data on a physical device

Data on computers or phones can be backed up to USB drives or other devices connected by a cable, by delving into the computer settings, the data can then be backed up to the device. It might take a while, but once it is safe then the USB can be ejected and stored in a very safe location.

Just be sure not to lose or break the drive! Keep it in a secure location and ensure it remains there.

data backup solutions

How to back up data on the cloud

If the personal cloud isn’t big enough for the data, and it probably won’t be, then servers can be bought for a small fee and the data is further encrypted for extra protection. Popular services include the Icloud, google drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox.

Pick a good place that is trusted and is reputable for protection. Most data backup solutions will have good reviews and customers who will stand by them.

Caution is better than losing it all

Taking some time to ensure the data is backed up and protected is certainly a better tradeoff than rebuilding a lost web presence. And an ounce of prevention is worth and pound of cure after all.